Tuesday, August 7, 2012

O Canada

When can we go back? 
I just can't get over how perfectly pretty everything was. 
We decided the best word for this part of the world was....
The mountains. 
The rivers. 
The waterfalls. 
Everything seems so tame where we live, in comparison to this great place. 
Wild animals--everywhere! 
The forests--so thick and dark and misty.
Glaciers massive and sparkling and piled to the sky.
Icy blue-green water flowing, falling, and pooling beneath the rocky mountains.
Above Banff near the Hoodoos
Banff Springs Hotel
Johnston Canyon Trail. 
So many thoughts on this little hike. It was only a few miles to the upper falls, and it was crazy how much scenery was packed in to those few miles. I loved standing at the bottom of a waterfall with my Littles with the mist in our faces. This was their favorite hike of the trip. 
It was popular. 
Soooooo popular. 
We are used to being out (mostly) by ourselves on trails and this was just.....
ridiculous. (and we were there on a Tuesday)
I am a pretty easy going person, but I think I was ready to slap someone by the end of this hike. People literally PUSHING their way past you-over you-under you--any way they could get a better view. 
We had planned on continuing the trail up to the Ink Pots, but it was just to crowded for us, so we headed back down. 
So yes the views are worth it.....just don't get pushed off the edge of a waterfall by a man using his iPad as his camera.
Lake Minnewanka
oh, hello.
Moraine Lake. Snowing on top.
a few more wild things....
the end.


Unknown said...

Wow! So absolutely beautiful!

The Rowley's said...

So so so pretty! I am already planning a trip here... gorgeous!

Gillian said...

This is where I grew up! Johnson Canyon is just as amazing in the off-season, when there isn't tour buses and line ups. So pretty, awesome photos : )

cara lou said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love that part of the country and am eagerly anticipating an adventure up there! Love these pictures.

Marilla said...

This I want to see! (Righ after Montana, currently on the top of my list) :) Thanks for posting!

Anna said...

breathtakingly gorgeous!! i love those mountains.