Thursday, August 30, 2012

just because

just because I really,
I do. 
they fascinate me. 
if I have the space someday, you will find me out in my field in a bee suit. 
count on that.
just because we were driving through beautiful montana country last month and came upon these beehives. 
just because these are montana bees (the best bees)
just because the sky is so blue and big and wonderful.
just because I can hear the low hum of their music when I look at these pictures. 
it got louder as I went 
too close! there are BEES everywhere.
just because


The Rowley's said...

Ive never seen rainbow bee hive things. They look like legos. You should have told me you like bees. My grampa keeps them and spins honey himself... best honey ever.

in dreams said...

i love bees too! they're pretty amazing creatures, though you don't tend to see so many of them buzzing around inside the city, sadly.

these beehives/houses are FANTASTIC! man. montana is awesome! :)

Melissa said...

Love it!
We actually had a bee hive for a couple years.. My husband was fascinated with beekeeping for a while (still is, actually) and he misses it SO MUCH (long sad story why we don't have the hive anymore).. And don't even get me started on the honey! It is the most amazing thing straight from the hive!
Anyway, he knows ALL the in's & out's of beekeeping if you ever have questions and decide to do it. :)

And funny enough, we have this video of him in action as an "urban beekeeper" as content for a website idea we had a while back.. check it out.

Anonymous said...

those are some very cool looking rainbow beehives!

Kasey said...

My chiropractor keeps bees and we recently traded his fresh honey for eggs. Best honey ever!

Hayley said...

tell me where you get your bee suit cause i want one too!

Kaylan said...

Perfect photos. Love bees too! Such amazing creatures.

mandorama said...

Montana is heaven on earth. The landscape with the rainbow hives is the perfect contrast!

Allison said...

Thanks for sharing this.