Thursday, August 2, 2012

happy weekend!

Well.......almost weekend. I'm checking out early.
We'll be:
-hanging with cousins
-watching track and field in the Olympics (yay!!)
-car shopping (probably definitely the most annoying thing in the world. it's the longest saddest story how we got here, I will tell you someday. you can cry with me.)
-crossing our fingers for rain
What are YOU doing?
an alley in Banff, Alberta

Happy Weekend!


Courtney said...

I'm jealous you are car shopping. We sold our jeep a couple weeks ago and are down to one car. For as long as we can stand it. REALLY want to save money and pay for it in cash. We'll see.
Have a fun weekend! I'm excited for track and field too.

Andrea said...

just wanted to say I stumbled on your blog today and I have been going through the archives for too long. I'm a huge fan! Can't wait to make that grilled guacamole ASAP.

Amber said...

Your weekend sounds far more exciting than mine. And yes, that includes the car shopping...

melissa said...

i really dislike big purchases of any kind so i feel for you. especially in 100 degree heat. but on the bright side, that photo is AWESOME and watching track and field makes me cry. (is that a bright side? nevermind.)

Courtney said...

O my this picture is so lovely! Sorry about your car, I hate when really expensive things stop working it's extremely stressful. Good Luck!

Ang said...

Boo to car shopping - we just finished car shopping and graduated to our first *gulp* van! (and I felt the same way you do about the process)
On the plus side, love that picture - so creative and cute! :)

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