Monday, August 20, 2012

worth 1000

Isn't that what they say? 
A picture is worth 1000 words. 
words. feelings. senses. memories.

I love that one simple shot can tell me so much. 
little girl
all mine.
morning light
messy braids
my helper
birds out the window
late summer
music playing-iron and wine
she's growing
too fast.
If you took ONE picture today, what would it tell me?

challenge: I dare you to take ONE photo today. just one that sums up your entire day, touches every sense, speaks more to you than it may appear at first glance.
It may not be perfectly composed, styled, or thought out........but to YOU, it's perfect.

feel free to post a link here in the comments so we can all see your photo.


Kaylan said...

Photo of my little babe today, first day home after a couple days on the road with me as I had several photography sessions. So thankful for his sweet disposition, flexibility, and patience with me.

Ang said...

i'm late (story of my life!), but here's my one picture - the two little bugs that my days are made of. :)

Amanda said...

great idea! Your babe has to stop growing! :)

Blogged here:

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean; those spontaneous moments are my favorite as well: like the photo you posted. It may not be "perfect", but it tells so much more than a "perfectly styled".
My photo - simple, taken with an iPhone - sums up our day/week of waiting.

Anonymous said...

whoops, I forget I still had yours copied for the linkback. Here's mine:

Mary @ Sifting Focus said...

As I am flying back to LA from NY I came upon your blog and this post. I had my tears well dammed behind a heart that could not break down until I got back to the privacy of my home. I have just left my daughter at college for what will be her senior year. The pains of empty-nest are as crushing as the September I delivered her to the Big Apple for her Freshman year. Seeing the picture of your daughter took me back to the time when mine was that little. Where does the time go? You caught me off guard. Tears are flowing. This is the last picture I took before leaving - her bed with both of our computers - side by side. I snapped the photo as a smile came to my face realizing that we are always connected - in more ways than one. Enjoy every single day you have before the world calls her away.