Friday, August 10, 2012

friday senses

a look at our week....

eating: peaches peaches peaches. I can never get my fill. Here is my version of peaches and "cream",  because I don't usually have cream on hand....
www.inthelittleredhouse.blogspot.compeacwww.inthelittleredhouse.blogspot.comhes1 copy

Peaches+Vanilla Almond Milk+Cinnamon and Sugar.
that's it. easy. delicious. dessert.

harvesting: tomatoes, two small eggplants (my eggplant plant was kind of sad), and a handful of our first tomatillos--just enough to make some salsa. So excited for more! Loads and loads of zucchini of course, and arugula is taking over like a weed.
missing: montana. always, missing, summer in montana. 
here are some wildflowers at Georgetown Lake....just because.
making: yogurt! I posted a recipe two years ago, but this time I'm making it in the crock pot....I will post about it next week!
also making: we haven't made ice cream yet this summer.......WHAT IS WRONG WITH US??!! 
We are making it this weekend......still debating on the flavor. 
What is your favorite?
See my past recipes for:
anticipating: eating said ice cream
cooling off: at Cup O Sno. There are a million shaved ice places around the valley and this one is our favorite. (and it's officially been added to the Where to Eat page!)
shouting out: to my brother-in-law Tyson who just opened an archery shop and range in Star Valley Wyoming! We all got to shoot when we were up camping, and we all left just a little obsessed with kids are asking for bows for Christmas! Follow them on facebook and see more photos like this of my adorable nephew (who means BUSINESS!) If you are ever in the area, stop by and channel your inner's really fun!
How was your week?
feel free to play along with friday senses in the comments or over on your own blog! 

Happy Weekend!


Amber said...

All the kiddos look so cute and your little nephew looks FIERCE! I always wanted to shoot, although my friend is going to teach me. Woooo!

Whitney said...

Yesterday, I made this Roasted Peach Sherbert recipe and am now officially obsessed with it. It's from the blog Always With Butter and has only 4 ingredients. It's super easy to make and more importantly: super duper delicious. It could be the perfect recipe for all of your peaches!

whitneyingram said...

Eating: chocolate chip cookies, leftover Korean beef and rice, leftover pizza and leftover tuna and noodles.

Doing: LAUNDRY. Camping laundry.

Washing: the campfire smell out of my hair.

Watching: Hopefully a movie at the theater tonight with my husband.

Waiting: For cousins to come play later today.

Seeing: My lawn look nice again because Ethan is mowing it right now.

gram said...

..went to the fair yesterday .. wasn't the same without my 'little kids'... where did they go? We'll be doing BBQ at friends in Lolo & at my sissies on Sunday .. summer is going by too fast..

cara lou said...

Hey, my relatives basically own Star Valley. I want to go to that archery shop soooooo badly now!

Hayley said...

please please please make butter pecan ice cream it's to die for.

also so sad things didn't work out in ut. another time!

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