Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Yesterday was a very good day.
We have five chickens. 
We got five eggs.
Up until yesterday we'd only been getting two a day. 
So FIVE eggs was ridiculously exciting.....and the fact that we got our first little GREEN egg.....aaaaahhhhh!!!!! 

Really. I screamed. Eggs are that exciting around here.
All that hard work (ok. chickens aren't really that much work....but they were in my house for 6 weeks....) has finally paid off.

Aren't they pretty?
wilma, goldie, hermione, fanny, millie
So yes, we eat a lot of eggs these days. 
Here's a meal I threw together in just a few minutes
Eggs with Chard, Roasted Tomatoes and Goat Cheese
-halve a few cups of cherry tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with thyme and s&p
-roast tomatoes at 450° for 15 minutes

While tomatoes are roasting:
-roughly chop chard and saute with minced shallots in olive oil. salt to taste
-after chard has cooked for a few minutes, make a few little "nests" in the chard to crack eggs into
-crack eggs and cover with a lid. 
-cook the eggs for a few minutes--the steam from the chard cooks them pretty quickly.
Add a giant scoop of your roasted tomatoes and top with goat cheese. 

and it's still peach season so we had peaches and yogurt for dessert.


What are your favorite ways to eat eggs?
Teach me.

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kassidi bridge said...

Yay! Beautiful eggs! Mostly we do scrambled eggs with chopped up onions, peppers, green chili (because hello we live in new mexico), and cilantro with salsa on top. I could eat it everyday. Cheese too. Of course.

Medha said...

Wow, gorgeous blog! I cook my eggs with sunny side up - drizzle honey and sprinkle smoke paprika on top!

Unknown said...

I love it when that happens! Love chickens- period.

Kelly Jo said...

Lucky you. Pretty eggs! About twice a week I make a fried egg sandwich. Cheese, hot peppers, hot sauce and warm toasted bread. Eggs are the best

Unknown said...

your eggs look so... so.. white?! the cooked ones i mean :) looks like another recipe ill have to give a try!