Friday, January 15, 2010

Introducing......Friday Feet

*note* if you have a "foot complex".....uhh......sorry....

If you've been following one of my dozen blogs over the past little while, something you probably know about me is that I love, I repeat LOVE, to take pictures of my feet.

It is the strangest obsession, that started as me just trying to document that I was indeed on that trip....because I am always the one with the camera. But then I started to notice how neat (who says neat?) the world can be if you just look down every now and then at what you're walking on, where you are going and where you have been.

And then I found a friend who shares my same obesession.

My sole sister. (pretty proud of that one)

Her name is Erin, and she lives in Hawaii.

And we are going to start a little project. Her feet. My feet. Where did they go this week?

Meet Erin. (feel free to hold a little grudge toward her....she is standing on a beach with the beautiful blue ocean behind her in the dead of winter.)

Favorite Shoes: Rainbow Sandals.
Size: Medium, thin strap.
Where my feet are most happy: in the hands of my husband, or anyone who will massage them.
Fun Fact: I have a mole near my heel--something doctors say should be impossible.

"Now, I know the shoes on my feet are nothing special this week, and the picture really isn't too creative but in all honesty--those really are my most favorite pair that I wear most often. Slippers (sandals are referred to as sliipers in hawaii) are the national shoe (is that factual, I don't know) on Oahu, and rainbows happen to be my favorite choice. I acutally just bought these new ones over Christmas after having my previous pair for over 5 years. I wore holes through the soles.

I love them, and they love me back. And I just couldn't do them wrong by wearing some other pair for this special occasion :)"

And then there is me. oye. Sheena. (feel free to feel a bit sorry for me because it is absolutely freezing here in the dead of winter.)

Favorite shoes: black converse all-stars.
Size: 7
Where my feet are most happy: anywhere they don't have to wear socks (they hate socks)
Fun Fact: If there were not rules against it, I would be barefoot everywhere I went.

I have had these shoes for seven years....SEVEN! They have weathered all seasons, and been paired with pants, shorts, and skirts. They are just about worn through on the bottom, the laces are nothing but tattered strings. They are perfect.

So here we go.....

Erin: Her home in Hawaii. Sheena: Her home in Utah.

tune in next friday....we'll be here!


gram said...

... oh no! ... more feet...

Meg said...

Oh I love this!!! I love Miss Erin! Glad you guys are pairing up for this! I'm excited.

melissa ellen parker said...

exhibit A: I am jealous of Erin's location.

exhibit B: I wish I had a kiddo - and I wish I could hug that cute little girl you have in that there picture. She kills me with her cute.

exhibit C: I have a foot complex... but more than that I have a shoe love.

I love your picks for best shoes, Erin and Sheena. I love a fancy shoe from Anthropologie - but I love and respect a comfy-cute shoe more. dare i say?

fun post!

kaysi van dyke fox said...

thanks for all of the help on the camera a few weeks ago! i received it on monday & am in LOVE with it. your pictures are so timeless & fun. i love your new blog!

Shannon said...

Ahh Rainbows are like slippers (the way we use the word here in the contiguous US). Converse definitely have their place too, but I have always found that when I wear them without socks they hurt my feet. Boo.

My favorite shoes are my Bearpaw boots in the winter and flip flops in the summer. No particular kind, just comfy, barefoot, flip flops. Oh how I miss being able to wear them year round. Sigh.

banananutmeg said...

THIS should be your wednesday post. Pictures of the ocean. Warm Hawaii. Flip Flops.

Brinn said...

this is fabulous. I feel the exact.same.way...
once on a vacation in Florida as a teen I shot a whole roll of film, the only subject being my feet in my fave yellow flip flops. 10 years later, I'm still shooting my feet...

Heather said...

This is one of those things where I say in my head, "DANG! What a good idea...WHY didn't I think of that first?!"

I love it! I love you, AND I love Erin! She rocks my socks off :) I'm hoping to see her sometime soon as I am out here in Hawaii right now!

Unknown said...

aww yes jelous of both...both beautiful women with great sense of humor.

love the blog idea :)