Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tooth talk

toothy copy

When you first hold that tiny little bundle of beautiful baby in your arms, it is implied that someday he will have to grow up. No one actually tells you he will grow up.....but you've had experience with larger, older, and much dirtier children, so you assume that they were once upon a time little smell-good-bundles as well.

But you think you are the exception. Your little bundle is special, and will stay a little bundle forever.

Let me tell you though, it's not true.
You are no exception, and try as I may, neither am I. 
My baby went on to grow and grow and get dirty, loose his baby smell, 
and now he has lost his first tooth. 

A teeny tiny little white tooth, and I remember when it came in years ago.
He insisted on pulling it himself--and after 4000 trips to the bathroom mirror he had done it.
jonahtooth copy

The toothfairy will come, and fly his tooth away to some place.....some place.....magical? lovely? heavenly? whimsical? where does she go? I've heard she builds her castle out of teeth....but that actually sounds a bit on the weird side, and I prefer to imagine fairies living in enhcanted forests and not houses made of tiny teeth. So, ahem, the toothfairy will come and fly his tooth away, 
to some place. 

I guess.

And do you see what just happened? I went from being way too sentimental about a tooth, to being distracted by the slight weirdness that is the toothfairy, and now I understand her true purpose. 

To distract overly sensitive mothers. 
Thanks Toothfairy.


After the boy had dropped his tooth seven times in the first five minutes (showing it to his sister, to charly, etc) I decided it needed a resting place for the day. 

So the tooth pillow was born.
You'll need
-liquid stitch or hot glue
-sewing machine
-needle and thread

Cut out two squares, the same size--this is your pillow.
Cut out a tooth shape(ish)
Sew your tooth onto one square.

Turn tooth side face down, and sew (with machine) around edges of squares, leaving about an inch opening.

Turn pillow inside out (you can use tweezers to pull it through if your opening isn't very big), and fill it with batting.

Glue on mouth--only a bit on the bottom and side edges so it makes a pocket.

hand stitch the opening closed.

place tooth inside mouth/pocket.
Wait for toothfairy to come, to whisk your child's tooth away....to.....wherever.


Unknown said...

Aw, that's so sweet! I remember when my twins lost there first tooth...(omg, like, 8 years ago!!) we told them that the tooth fairy took the teeth and gave them to little babies who needed them before they were born. (I was on the spot!) And in return, the boy got his first Bionicle, the girl got a silver charm bracelet with a tooth charm. I still have all the teeth from the 3 kids of mine...what to do, what to do....

theappletea said...

so cute and cool idea! :) LOVE IT!!!

Harris Family said...

Hopefully we have a few years to go on the tooth thing- but I love the pillow and will use the idea!! so cute!

Evie said...

so cute!!

Natalie said...

Could he BE any cuter? Happy landmark childhood moment, you handled it beautifully. <3 this post. :)

Liz said...

I love this! I am bookmarking it for my future children and will be making some for my nieces and nephew. Thanks!

Ang said...

i love the way you shared this story, Sheena - and i love how cute & creative the tooth pillow is! I can't wait for that mystery day (hopefully sometime in the not-so-distant future) when I'll have little ones to do such fun things with. :)

Mandy said...

You are such a cute mom.

Unknown said...

seriously i love this. you are such a good mom. and please stop telling me about how my 17 month old is going to get bigger. i miss her all swaddled up in my arms... at least you make it fun to look forward to, them growing up and getting stinky!

Brittany said...

cutest idea and such a cute little boy!

camandholls said...

I don't even have kids yet and I want to make one of these. Super cute idea!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

That pillow is SO CUTE.

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, he lost his tooth finally. I bet he was so excited. The pillow is a really good idea. You are so crafty Sheena. It was great seeing you. :)

Emily said...

Sheena!! You may not remember me, it's Emily Norton (Tara and Justin's friend from a LONG TIME AGO)...anyway, I am sooo excited to have found your blog again! Your stories make me laugh and smile.
my blog: www.junebugsandstickytoes.com

Rachael said...

I LOVE that tooth pillow! So cute!
Congrats on your little guy for having lost his first tooth! Very exciting!
I've been lucky to be a witness to children losing teeth, and it's a great moment to be a part of!

summer said...

i was also preoccupied with tooth fairy thoughts yesterday (because i saw your cute fb status- congrats to your toothless baby!)... and proceeded to ask grant his thoughts on the matter. apparently, to my horror, he grew up imagining the tooth fairy to be a SPIDER who lived in a castle made of our teeth. ?!?!!

this legend will not be passed on to our babies, i hope.

LOVE, love, love the pillow! you would do something awesome:)

Anonymous said...

your kids are so cute!!

Amanda said...

love that you created a little pillow for him. i can imagine how cute it was to see him go to and from the mirror trying to see if he could wiggle it out any more. :)

Anonymous said...

when i was little i wrote a story about the toothfairy and said she took the teeth to the man in the moon and he turned them into stars... ha!

on a different note. i've been really paying attention to what i've been eating last week and this week. it's CRAZY. even looking at the calories of everything has made me put most things down and grab an apple or banana. (and i've lost weight! whhhhhhhat?!)

kim west said...

when my oldest daughter lost her first tooth...it was the first time I thought, holy crap. I'm a mom. then I went and signed up for pta.

A Beautiful Life said...

such a cute idea! way better than the snack baggie i usually put them in. ahem.

Kristen said...

Your son looks so cute! Though he already has a lost tooth, it doesn't mean that he can't be very handsome. My daughter Lauren just recently visited her dentist (Charlotte area). The dentist (Rock Hill) pulled her tooth and he had her teeth cleaned as well. It was actually my daughter's first visit to the dentist, but it seemed that she have been into one before because she looked so brave and excited.

Anonymous said...

We dont's believe in tooth fairies in Greece, but instead I used to throw my teeth on a roof top that same day!I would go and check it out every day on!!!
Can't say how much I adored the tooth pillows.I don't have children of my own, but I think they make great presents for my girlfriend's little ones!
Excellent idea!
Your son is so cute, even with the tooth missing!!!

jenniferhoiyin said...

love the snaggle tooth, but I love little baby bundle smell more. I'm grateful jane still has her little toddler smell, for now.

Unknown said...

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