Wednesday, January 12, 2011

winter wednesday

We all lived through one more week of winter.....hooray! It dipped down around 5° the other night.....brrr...

Thank you so much for all your fun comments on last weeks post! Today I'll ask for your help again--to share your own winter secrets....

Survival Tip #2:take care of your skin! 
Now I am not talking about facials (wouldn't that be nice) or makeup (I am clueless), or how to get glowing flawless skin (someone tell me).......let's be honest here. 
I'm talking about how to keep your skin happy,
 and prevent it from splitting open at the seams and/or drying up like a piece of jerky.

Sorry. It's true.

If you live in a dry climate, winters are terrible on your skin! I've put together my favorite products that keep me sane (and prevent splitting open) during the winter.

1. I love love love this body butter. I have one next to our bed and one in the car--it's perfect for hands and not too greasy (I like this for hands too, but you  have to put it on and not touch ANYTHING for a while). The smell is absolutely insane will kind of want to put it on a cupcake.

2. I love to use this on my lips at night. That's all.

3. This soap is the best smelling soap in the world, it exfoliates, and it's made by Burts Bees, who should be sending me a lifetime supply of everything after this post. The end.

4. I carry hand sanitizer every where I go, but the thought of putting it on cold dry hands sounds like torture, so I was so happy to find this one.....the sanitizer is IN the lotion. Perfect.

5. If anyone out there has horse hair (or is it just me?) (sidenote: if I am ever lost in the woods I will cut off my hair to make my own ropes) this super duper conditioner, is a must every few weeks. 
Winter is hard on my hair. My hair is hard, period.

6. I have raved about my favorite Yes to Carrots lip butter before, but when I'm feeling fancy schmancy, I'm also a fan of their lip tint.

7. LOVE this body wash. It smells amazing and is so bright and fresh, and will really wake you up in the morning (or at 10:00 at night, if that's your first shower for the day, I get it)

8. I should probably stop talking about wanting to eat all this stuff, but this face wash smells delicious. It is so orangey and feels so soft and moisturizing on my aging face (you guys, it's almost my birthday, I'm nervous).

9. So it's reeeeeeallllly dry here. And cold. The kind of cold and dry that hurts your face and gives you permanent stink-eye when you are out in it. I love this night cream--smoothing it on feels like an apology to my poor, frozen stink-face.

What's YOUR favorite way to take 
care of your skin during winter?

happy wintering!


LMB said...

I see that you like organic/natural products...I swear by Korres Yogurt Body Butter in the winter. It's all natural and very mosturizing. If you're big into scents, it doesn't have much to offer in that department (its doesn't smell bad, however it doesn't have a fragarence in it smells like, well, yogurt)...Great list. Thanks for sharing.

melissa said...

cetaphil and lots of it.

Semidipapavero said...

I live in Italy, so I didn't know the items you show.
But I love, really love karite butter, for lips and body. For my children too:D

Moments and Impressions said...

I love burts... I keep a tin of lemon cuticle salve in my pocket. My fingers get so dry and my cuticles crack - this stops the blood lettiing!

I need to try some of the others you listed... I feel like a lizard.

whitneyingram said...

I second Cetaphil. I took Accutane twice in high school for my severe acne. Accutane causes a lot of drying and my dermatologist recommended Cetaphil for my whole body. And it's still the best I have found. And it's gentle enough to use on my little boy's dry faces.

Another good thing is putting a thick layer of Vaseline on your feet at night and putting socks on. The Vaseline gets absorbed through the night and your feet are silky smooth in the morning.

Also, in the winter, when I do dishes and clean the kitchen, I slather my hands with TONS of good lotion and wear rubber gloves. The heat from the hot water sort of give my hands a little spa treatment while I do dishes.

Anna said...

I live in chilly (and dry in winter) Minne"snow"ta so treating your skin in winter is a must. I recently discovered Vitamin E Oil (in the vitamin section). It's cheap and works like it costs a hundred bucks. I put it on my face, neck and hands every night and my skin feels great the next day!

Rachael said...

Great products! I love seeing what other people use on their skin.
I don't have a skin routine really. Lately I've been going the natural route. Like, really natural. I've used Honey on my face for skin care, and it leaves my face sooo smooth.
Body care...I'm trying to find something to use for my body that's natural as well as moisturizing. Some of those products seem great to try! But yes, shea butter is good. Need to try some!

Jackie Norris said...

GREAT suggestions, looks like I need to make a trip to the store!

Sheen said...

i use everything melaleuca!

the cosmetic line is my absolute favorite!

i've never bought anything else since!

Hannah Mayo said...

I am loving Tate's Miracle Conditioner, which can be used as lotion or a hair conditioner. It has been helping my skin so much!

Kasey said...

This post has caused me to wonder how much younger I *could* look if I did ANYTHING for my skin!

Sounds like Burts Bees is where it's at.

Unknown said...

Definitely olive oil. I've used it for many years. My entire family and extended family has picked up on it too. Amazing how smooth it makes your face feel. And your pregnant tummy! Thanks for all the tips.