Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a fall house

apple chips 
A fall house sleeps with a window cracked to better hear the rain.
Drip drip dropping all through the night, greeting sleepy eyes in the morning.
Trying to turn to snow.....but not quite yet.
A fall house hears a whistling kettle. All day long.
For teas with peppermint and honey to soothe little sore throats.
A fall house is covered, in fabric and fur and needles and thread.
Scraps of this and that, glossy fabric, felt, and vampire teeth.
End to end, floor to ceiling. Halloweeny Things. Everywhere.
A fall house gets leaves tracked inside. Crunch, crunch. Crunch.
Mostly yellow. Or gold. Some brown.
A fall house has little hands busy at work, scattering spiders and webs and pumpkins throughout.
A fall house is warm from the oven.
It smells of apples and cinnamon.
I love my fall house.

I returned from the farmer's market last night with a whole load of pretty red apples. 
I was home most of the day today, so I decided to make a few batches of apples chips in between finishing up the kids costumes (which is sometimes really hilarious seeing as though I am most definitely NOT a seamstress)

These were so simple and amazingly delicious. We are going through them so quickly. 
must. make. more. 
apple chipsapple chipsapple chipsapple chipsapple chipsapple chipsapple chips
Homemade Apple Chips
-Wash apples.
-Core apples. Maybe you have a fancy coring machine? Is that a thing? I just cut the core out with a knife. Then Jen told me she leaves the core in tact, which I am most definitely doing next time to save on a bit of time (and reduce the risk of slicing my finger off)
-Thinly slice apples. Try to get them about the same thickness so they will dry evenly. The first batch I sliced about 1/4" thick, and the next batch I sliced even thinner. 
-Spread out on parchment lined baking sheet. 
-Sprinkle with cinnamon (optional. I did some with, some without.)
-Bake 225°, flipping over once. You can experiment a bit with time and thickness. The first batch (sliced thicker at 1/4", I baked for two hours and they were still a bit chewy. We still gobbled them right up. The second, thinner batch I baked for the same two hours, but they turned out more crisp--like actual chips. So it's up do you and how you want them. 
note: the chips crisp up even more after you take them out of the oven and put them on a cooling rack. 
Store in an air tight container. 

apple chips
These are such a tasty snack, and I can't wait to make more. 
I think they will also make a great addition to our oatmeal, granola, and the plain apples will go great tossed into a salad. 


What's happening in your fall house?


RoxyRo said...

thank you for sharing this recipe! I am going to make those little gems this afternoon! I love apple chips but store bought ones sometimes have no taste at all!

Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading this post, wish i was in your part of the world :) never made apple chips, will try it out soon ;-)

Zizi said...

These look yummie. I'm going to make them! One question only: is the baking temperature in Celsius or in Fahrenheit?

Thanks for the reply.

Pipsa said...

Thanks for sharing, your apples look divine as they are and as chips. I'm definitely going to give them a go as soon as possible.

julieann said...

I am going to a reception for a celebration of my neices wedding a month back....what a wonderful treat this would be!Fall in New England is so beautiful...the colors on the tree's is like heaven's door's have bright and brisk...everything i dream heaven is-we also leave the window to our bedroom cracked...i love the crackeling of the leaves as the wind blows ever so slightly at night...and the smell is so refreshing-We are expecting a storm so the squirells(spelling!)and chipmunks have full cheeks at any given point of the day...and the canning is slowing down as my shelves are filled for the winter months-next week i will harvest cabbage...any diffrent ideas for canning cabbage would be great!Enjoy your world and keep up the GREAT posts...i do look forward to them on this side of the U.S.!

Laura said...

Ooh, I've had apple chips pinned for a while, but we always just end up eating the apples! Think they're definitely on the menu soon though cause yours look deelish!

Ps: I bet you can get pretty cheap apple corers on amazon or something. You can get them in supermarkets over here for a couple of pounds. They're little round metal things that you just push through the core and then pull it all out in one quick piece :)

Unknown said...

yum. fall perfection.

Madeline said...

What a delicious idea. These will definitely go on the menu at my next fall party - this will be my mum's birthday party. My mum's birthday is close to Bonfire Night here in the UK and for several years this party has been a fixture of our calendar.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing :-)
i'm trying them out right now!

Elise said...

I just made these, and am trying not to devour them all!

RoxyRo said...

quick update...I made these and they lasted like 10 minutes flat! My mother in law appreciated!!! :)
Thanks again!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

What a darling post... your way with words is so comforting and poetic... Love the Apple Chip idea!