Thursday, October 25, 2012

things that go bump in the night.....

a little back story: 
our family loves to visit the Salt Lake that weird? We end up there a few times a year and just like to wander--we even like to take out of town guests to visit. It is filled with so much important history-- like pioneers that crossed the the plains to settle here in the valley. Birth dates back to the 1700s! If you are a little bit of a history nerd, I highly recommend it. 

I finished the kids' costumes today, and as soon as they were home from school they were anxious to try them on. And then we figured....since they had them on.....let's do a test run on the makeup too. And then I joked that we should take their pictures in the cemetery.....
.....totally joking.....
....and then they said....
But I was kidding. 
But then I decided.....why not?
And we had the BEST time. 
They were so......IN to it. 
It was a little bit creepy. 
So I decided that THIS was how kids were meant to be photographed--wearing what they want, acting exactly how they want to act. 
Cemetery optional.....because that's a little weird. 
Little Werewolf
basically all you need for this is some fur fabric, fake teeth, and face paint. 
I made the fastest skirt ever with some sale fabric and made it tattered at the bottom. 
Hot glued some fur on to some old leggings with holes in the knees. 
Took the sleeves off an old tiny jacket. 
Glued some fur on to her gloves. 
Made a fur tail, stuffed it with batting and sewed it to her shirt. 
Made some furry little ears and glued them to a headband. 
The rest is just personality....and she's got it.
black pants (we already had them)
white shirt (one of his church shirts)
black vest and necklace that I've worn for a pirate before
a small piece of red faux satin for a fancy scarf
black faux satin for a cape. 
for the collar I cut out a "collar shape" from some card stock, and then glued it between two pieces of black felt so it was stiff and able to stand up. I then sewed it to the top of the cape.
Add face paint, some black hair spray, fake teeth, and a creepy little gaze. 

Happy Weekend!


Anthony Hopper said...

Interesting blog...As an aside, I don't think it's weird to visit old cemeteries.

Unknown said...

you are such a cool mom, and awesome. whos this guy ^ lol.

kassidi bridge said...

I'm in love with these costumes! So awesome! We used to live a couple blocks from that too, was one of our favorite places to go!

Lori Folkman said...

You guys are so fun. I really hope I don't bump into Dracula in a dark alley: I'm a little scared! :)

Carey Alina said...

The last two black and whites of both kids are exceptional and quite creepy.

AllAmericanGrl said...

awesome photos and poses from the Littles ;) They look incredible! :)

Tara said...

Second comment made me laugh. haha
So I showed Justin those pics on FB and he was like, "those are not their kids..." He kept insisting you must have photoshopped their faces or something. So yeah, pretty rockin' job on the Halloween costumes!

Anonymous said...

That last Dracula pic is AMAZING. Super cool shot <3