Monday, October 8, 2012

strength to the body and soul

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, 
places to play in and pray in, 
where nature may heal 
and give strength to body and soul.”
--John Muir

This is my motto, and I believe every single word.

Today was just what I needed.

A slow morning. (no school!)
Sleeping in, waking up sandwiched between my three.
Waffles for breakfast.
Gathering backpacks and snacks and shoes.
Out the door for adventure.

As soon as we stepped out of the car onto the dirt I was consumed with happiness.
A cool breeze. The smell of woodsmoke. Crunchy leaves beneath my feet.
My family on the trail ahead.
We had the mountain to ourselves--just us.
Yellow, orange, and golden coins, lining our path,
fluttering down down down into our hair. 
Standing on top of a giant rock overlooking a sparkling mountain lake, 
hearing a whisper that all will be well.
All simple things, all pure joy.
Strength to my body and soul.
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all photos taken on the trail to Silver Lake
See Silver Lake covered in snow HERE along with trail details

This week I'm blogging all of my real life joy (read more here)
What is your Real Life Joy today?


D-dawg said...

I've always loved that John Muir quote too.

Sarah said...

This post made me excited for this weekend when I go home and do some fall hiking. It's my favorite!

Unknown said...

I THOUGHT that was Silver Lake! Such a beautiful trail and family experience. I miss the colorful autumn aspens in Utah, though my family here in Phoenix traveled to Flagstaff for the weekend and got to see the yellow aspens there.

Rachael said...

Love your pictures Sheena! You always make me want to take a walk outside and explore the nature around me. Of course, thinking and doing are two different things. But I really want to.
Thanks for always being inspiring that way!

Brinn said...

this spoke to my soul. oh how i miss my mountains. beautiful as always, sheena. Thank you.

melissa said...

i like the ones of you guys on the rocks. especially when the kids look super un-amused.

kate said...