Tuesday, October 9, 2012

in the morning

this week I am blogging my Real Life Joys, read more here

Today I am thankful for mornings.
Her school doesn't start until after lunch, so we have the mornings to ourselves....and we love it.
I try to hold off on errands so we can have quiet, slow mornings at home.
We check the garden (things are slowwwwly) still coming. Sometimes we have to hunt.
Lots of art--coloring, painting, drawing.
We practice her reading.
Loud music. Some dancing.
Baking. Making. Creating.
It's our time.....I hope she remembers it forever.
I will.
Extra Joys today:
-The temperature is perfect. Not too hot or too cold.
-Both Littles RUNNING to me after school to give me a hug and tell me about their day. 
Best feeling ever.
-I have a wind chime outside my front door that has been here since we moved in 5 1/2 years ago. I have no idea who it belonged to or how old it might be. 
But I love when I hear it ding-a-ling-ing from the fall breeze.
-Time. It has seriously been the craziest week. So happy that a week has already gone by, and anxious to get a few more under my belt.
-Middle-of-the-night-half-sleeping-kids. Our house is small and we all sleep just a few steps away from each other. We hear every breath, snore, and midnight bathroom break. My favorite is when they stumble back to their rooms talking in their sleep......it never gets old.
-fresh flowers from friends on my big table. happiness.
-watching soccer snuggled in a blanket. I love blankets.

take a minute. think. 
What is your Real Life Joy today?


Unknown said...

this is probably my favorite post ever. she is so perfect.

Lauren said...

I'm loving this weeks posts. Although, I feel like your blog is always full of happiness and joy. And appreciating the small things.

I think my Real Life Joy today is listening to my 4 year- old's endlessly creative make-believe and stories.

AllAmericanGrl said...

with all the arts and crafts you do with your kids, do you have a folder or something that you put all their paintings and crafts in? I end up having to trash half of my daughters stuff cos I don't know what to do with it all! Plus i have been to lazy to try to figure out what to do with it all, and I hate to keep dumping it as well! haha!

melissa said...

the temperature HAS been perfect, even up here. it makes me want to cry.

Grace said...

This is so inspiring. I'm going to soak in all of my real life joys. Your girl is too precious.

whitneyingram said...

Real life joys today: A clean garage, that I didn't have to wash my hair this morning, that I get to go on a long bike ride alone this afternoon, that the laundry is caught up, my Halloween decorations, my daughter's new Velcro Chucks.

Meg said...

you seriously should blog about your family more. Love these posts!

Tanae Nelson said...

My real life joy recently has been watching my two girls grow up and develop funny little personalities. My five year old has started breaking out into song and dance when she tells me a story. The other night she sang the prayer over dinner. I love that she feels comfortable to express herself! My 2 year old is finally talking or maybe it's just that I can understand her now but she is so fun to listen to, and she has turned from mean little sister to one that makes sure to always share and think of her big sister. These little moments make me love being a mom.

Ang said...

can i just say, that i LOVE this post? i'm all warm and fuzzy now...
my real life joy is my just about 9 month old twins - today, they kept looking up at me and grinning in the middle of playing. i just love how their little personalities are starting to show. :)