Monday, October 29, 2012

little things lately

a late breakfast today
baked eggs
I just can't believe all the craziness on the East Coast right guys stay safe! 
So scary.
We spent the day in the yard. Bikes and skateboards. We had open windows. 
I wore sandals. A skirt. 
The weather was perfect.....I'm so sad about all the rain and wind and flooding over there. 
It has really made me extra happy for all my simple little things in my life today.

Little Things
-a warm cozy house. blankets, heat, soft beds. 
-Littles squealing out in the sunshine today. bike jump built. hours of fun until the sun goes down.
-clean sheets
-second grade jokes.....why are they so funny to me? 
Q: What is a cat's favorite color?
A: Purrrrrrrrrple
-sneaking a quick run in when I didn't think I had time
-the smell of cinnamon
-the four of us piling in a bed and reading bedtime stories (complete with voices and accents)
-our garden is lonnnnng gone and so ugly and dead, but I love that we still have tomatoes ripening in the basement for the next little while. so tasty.
 -So happy to have new friends to play with. Friends that are not 
only a good time, but send you home with fresh eggs for you to enjoy.....yum.baked eggs

Baked Eggs with Tomatoes, Parmesan, and Fresh Herbs
thanks ashley for the inspiration!

-preheat oven to 400°
-add 1-2 TBS half and half or cream to a well buttered ramekin 
-crack two eggs into ramekin
-top with a few slices of tomato
-sprinkle with coarse salt, cracked pepper, fresh grated parm and your choice of fresh chopped herbs 
(I used thyme and oregano)
-cook for 15 minutes for yolks that are a little bit runny, add a few more minutes for more firm yolks



I've had a few people ask if I'll be doing my "Thankful November" posts.....yes! So excited! Please join me for the month. 
I'll also be doing a new hashtag project on instagram. #novemberthanks. watch for it

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Rachael said...

I love that second grade joke! So cute and funny.
I was in the area of some of the hurricane, but thankfully wasn't hit as hard as others. I hope those that were hit hard are doing okay.
But I liked that you said how the bad weather here made you appreciate the nice weather you had over there.