Monday, October 22, 2012

all dressed up

When I was little, our Halloween costumes were always handmade--my favorites were the time I was a tiger, and the time I was Jem. We have continued the tradition of homemade costumes around here--and luckily my kids haven't requested anything too crazy yet. It's fun to do, much cheaper to make your own, and it's pretty much guaranteed that your kids won't show up to the party in the same costume as someone else.  If you and your kiddos are still looking for THE perfect costume for Halloween (how did it sneak up on us so fast?), here are some of ours from the past couple of years, with basic instructions (very basic--I am no seamstress--believe me) and some links to instructions. 
It's pretty fun what you can do with a little hot glue and felt. 

2009. Black Widow and Police Man. 
Black Widow: 
-black onesie (super cheap at walmart)
-black tights (already owned)
-black shoes (already owned)
-black fabric for legs
-red felt
-batting to stuff legs

hot glue a red hourglass shape onto the onesie. 
sew four long black tubes and stuff with batting. sew onto onesie. (you could also use black stuffed pantyhose for this. 
I made a very basic tulle skirt by cutting long strips of tulle and tying them onto the elastic 

Police Man:
blue pants and shirt (both thrifted)
felt for a "tie" and police badge and stripes (hot glued on)
I found the police hat online for a couple dollars (sorry but I cannot make hats), and a little police kit with walkie talkie, whistle, and cuffs for super cheap. Easiest costume ever.
2010. Frankenstein and Skunk 
easy how to on this post HERE
2011 Luke Skywakler 
5 minute robe tutorial on this post HERE
jedijonah1 copy
2011 Piggy
How to on this post HERE
piggy copy

Some of you know that for Robby's family reunion each year we all dress up for our theme night. 
Here are my two favorite years

2008 Pirates. 
Pirate costumes are so easy to throw together. Robby and I literally got our stuff the day OF the party at the thrift store. Cut off some old pants, add ruffly shirts, vests, belts, jewels, add a bandanna, an eye patch, and maybe a few whiskers with eyeliner. done.

pirates copy

2010 Cavemen. 
Animal print fabric sewn in a tube with some arm holes cut out.....that's basically all you need. A wig unless you already have caveman hair (uh, I do).
Check out THIS POST for how to make clubs and bones and the kids costumes. 
cavemen copy

I'm currently working on a little boy vampire costume and a little girl werewolf costume.....I'll post those sometime soon. 
What are you dressing up as this year? 


Amanda Jane Jones said...

These are the best! Cree and I are going to be retro girl scout and boyscout leaders. :)

Bridget said...

the frankenstein is my fave. i love it.

Meg said...

vampire? werewolf? Nahahaha I want to know if you and Robbie are going to be bella and edward. ;)

sheena said...

haha MEG!! I am so completely out of it when it comes to pop culture I didn't even realize what my kids are dressing up as!! HAAAA!!

Rachael said...

Great costumes over the years! I always have a hard time thinking of a Halloween costume.
If only I were creative enough to make one like you do!

mommyholly said...

LOVE these costumes! My son was a skunk with the same tutorial a few years back :) Love!!! This year, my son wants to be Dracula. I am going as a cat {i think!} I am pregnant this year, so I need something easy! So glad to connect back to your blog after a while!
xoxox Holly

Darcee said...

My daughter is going to be a ninja. Pretty much all black clothes, with a t-shirt made into a ninja mask (super easy to do). My youngest son is going as Jason from Friday the 13th. Bought the mask and machete full price, the rest of the costume was thrifted. My oldest is 14, and this is the first year he doesn't want to dress up:( This mama is sad about that.

Unknown said...

Great costumes.....nice once we are back to olden ages by seeing this..
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