Monday, October 15, 2012

bicycle, bicycle

"I want to ride my bicycle,  I want to ride my bike"
bonus points for singing along to that song.

Last week we left all of our troubles at home and ran away to the desert. 
Sunshine, rock, and red dirt as far as you could see......the perfect place to be. 
We braved wind and rain and HAIL (more on that later) and were able to get out for not one....but TWO amazing bike rides.  

me on top of Gemini Bridges near Moab
We camped and played with amazing friends, and our campsite was dotted with bikes everywhere you looked, and just as many red dirt stained kids running around with the desert animals.
The dads headed out for a ride while us moms stayed and played at the campsite with the kids. Then we swapped and while the moms rode out to Gemini Bridges the dads took the kiddos (all 11!) on their own little ride (best dads ever.) 
We rode down over rocks and boulders (myself screaming all the way like it was a roller coaster), along a canyon rim, past natural bridges, and stopped at least 100 times to admire views and climb and play on the rocks. We felt like kids.
The last day of our trip, none of us wanted to go home, and in an effort to make our weekend  last as long as possible.....we decided to each do one more ride. We camped near Moab's famous Slick Rock Trail, so as the sun was starting to sink lower in the sky, the girls sped down the road and hit the trail. Rolling red rock for miles and miles. Up and down and up and down. Legs burning and heart jumping out of my chest on the crazy climbs up, and then squeeeeeeealing all the way down.
all photos from my iphone and edited with VSCO cam

the end. 
more moab tomorrow!


allison said...

ah! you got to play in Moab with half my family! :) this looks like so much fun!

melissa said...

i love your camo singlet, but also the backdrop.

Laura said...

I'm soooooo jealous!!! Where do you find cool friends who will do stuff like this?? Sign me up!

Ally said...

you say shark i say, hey man, jaws was never my scene.

capturingtheride said...

I saw a quote I think you'd enjoy outside of Recycled Cycles in Seattle, WA: "They say you can't buy happiness but you can buy a BICYCLE and that's pretty close" (anonymous)

Anonymous said...

What fun! And I love all your iphone pics. Gorgeous.

sheena said...

@Laura--I have to import them from all over the place......I WISH they all lived closer:)

Unknown said...

oh, you live in my fav. part of the country (read West of Mississippi) :)
love your collection of photos here.......I dont know how I reached your blog while surfing and hopping from one to another but you have a beautiful blog Sheena.

julie said...

sheena, you gave me some AMAZING suggestions last year when we went with kiddos! planning an adults only trip to moab the end of april this time cmaping! do you have any suggestions for places to camp? email is eggfam@hotmail if you get a chance to respond! thanks so much! hope school is treating you right. ;) julie