Tuesday, October 16, 2012

dear garden,

last harvest, in the rain
Dear Garden,
well, here we are again. 
End of season. 
So sad.....yet I know it's time.
I remember when you were young and small,
tiny green and new.
How has the time passed so quickly?
Thank you for a great summer. 
Thank you for all of our favorite kinds of tomatoes...
......they were a little slow this year because of the early heat, but we forgive you. 
Thank you for the zucchini and squash that just kept growing and growing and growing. 
Thank you for all the tomatillos.....how does one plant grow so many?
Thank you for the radishes and onions and tiny peppers (maybe someday we can figure out peppers?)
Thank you for the pumpkin I forgot I planted. 
Thank you for arugula and sunflowers that came up all over the place like weeds. 
We left them, and loved them. 
Thank you for not caring that I kinda stopped weeding after a while (as usual). 
Thank you for being a home to bees and butterflies and lady bugs for us to watch. 
Thank you for teaching my kids about how things grow and where our food comes from......so important for them to learn.
Thank you for one last harvest, tonight, in the rain. 
The kids hunted and searched and found every last green tomato that was hiding. 
We will let them slowly ripen over the weeks and enjoy them, thinking of you with each bite, when the days are cold and short and we are missing summer.

thank you, and see you next year,

photos from my iphone edited with vsco cam


Unknown said...

My very favorite part of this year is making fried green tomatoes. They are messy (by nature of being fried) so I only make them once or twice a year, but they are a wonderful treat.
I vividly remember the first time I had one. I must have been 4 or 5 years old and when I bit into it, I thought I was eating the yummiest, crunchiest, sweet-tart cookie I had ever had. It's a unique food that not many people get to experience- you should take advantage of it and make some with your green tomatoes!

Laura said...


Meg said...

peppers are one of the first things I plant and the last things I harvest. They need a lot of heat for a very long time and then they go crazy. maybe the growing season is too short there, or it cools off too much at night. It doesn't cool off at all here in the summer. I grow mine in 100% compost and do nothing to take care of the plants.

I love this post. How do you ripen your tomatoes? Last year I crammed mine into brown paper bags and that worked, but it was a sloooooow process and the tomatoes tasted better if I cooked or roasted them. most of them went into soup. Any suggestions on how you do yours?

sheena said...

@meg I spread mine out so they are just in a single layer in large boxes. They do take a while to ripen (we usually finish our last tomatoes around Christmas), and they aren't AS good as ripened on the vine, but still alot better than anything you can get in the store.

chanee said...

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