Monday, November 12, 2012

november thanks

How was your weekend? I spent mine running through the night in the Vegas Ragnar. It was freeeeeezing.... but so much fun, and some really awesome running.....I'll update you more on that when Ryan's video is done. So thankful for good friends, late night giggling, running under a starry sky, gummy bears at 2am, and now that I'm home, a warm bed and a real toilet:)

We got snow!!! We are so happy it came. Last year we hardly got any, so it was played in for hours upon it's arrival.
I'm thankful for fires, cocoa, soup, mittens and hats. Thankful for the soft crunch beneath my feet and the cool air in my lungs. My own breath fogging up the sky.

I just LOVE going through all of your November Thanks photos on Instagram! Thank you so much for sharing--here are a few of my favorites from the past week.
photos by:
@dearcaralou, @haygardi
@melissalipking, @ekanazhwa
@jaxdewolfe, @ericagrover14
@heatherlynnroberts, @torijoh
@whitneyingram, @haygardi
@lanapribic, @saracwalk
@rachellewilliams, @saracwalk 

play along and tag your thankful photos #novemberthanks, 
I'll choose a few to show off each week. I'm so excited to see what you share! 

What are you thankful for today?


emily said...

sweet little pictures- may have to join you with some #movemeberthanks this week. love that you post at night right before i get in bed. i can always look forward to you evening stories.

Jackie said...

Hooray! I am one of the featured :) Thank you Sheena!!

melissa said...

i love all these thanks pictures--they confirm that my presence on the internet is truly redundant! i could have posted any one of them exactly (except the pretty baby girls) if i had the good eye these folks have.

glad you had fun running. i'm pumped to see your video.

lana pribic said...

Thanks for posting my picture! That pumpkin pie fudge was truly indulgent and delicious and autumny .

Happy November :)

Rachelle said...

I love that one of Hayley with Greta. It's my fav!
And of course that cute boy in yellow pants. ;) said...

thanks for the picture love :) I am SO excited to see Ryan's video of Ragnar!

p.s I am envious of your snow...

Hayley said...

what a perfect bunch of pics! i love all of them!

thanks sheena!!

Rachael said...

Those are great instagram pics!! I love that idea of people sharing what they're thankful for that way! Awesome.

Unknown said...

very sweet photos and really love all.
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Melissa said...

Awesome! Love all these pics.. Thanks! :)