Thursday, November 29, 2012

here comes december!

This post contains so much that it might explode.
I just want to make sure you are ready for December.... I am about to burst with happiness I am so excited that this month is almost here! Here are some of my favorite December posts from the past 
(no surprise that they are almost ALL treats)....

First up..... 
The easiest advent calendar you will ever make....just a little string of envelopes counting down the days until Christmas. All you need is festive paper, mini clothespins, string, and a brain full of Christmasy ideas. Each day your Littles choose a note from inside the envelope to see what they will do today to count down to Christmas. We do simple things like read a Christmas book, sing Christmas songs, have a Christmas treat, watch a Christmas movie......or bigger things like go on our annual Christmas date, decorate cookies, or make our annual gingerbread house.
christmashouse2 copy
Full calendar instructions HERE

Brussels Sprouts-one of our favorites! 
If you wrinkle up your nose when you think about brussels then you are making them wrong.
Lots of ways to eat them, including sauteed with bacon, avocado and lime, HERE.
brussels6 copy
Pomegranates are pretty and festive, and we love them in everything. 
How to prepare and eat them HERE.
how to eat a pomegranate

Let's move on to the treats....I need to go run 30 miles up a mountain just looking at these.

Homemade Toffee! 
I was always so intimidated when it came to candy making.....and then we tried toffee and it will now be a yearly tradition for Robby and I to make. Recipe HERE.
toffee8 copy
Black and White Popcorn. 
Easy and quick and perfect for gift giving. Recipe HERE.
popcorn2 copy
My very favorite Christmas cookie everrrrrr. Snowballs. Recipe HERE. 
Don't hesitate to make them....right NOW.
Candy Cane Ice Cream. 
Ice cream isn't just for summer--this serves up nicely with warm brownies. 
Recipe HERE.
peppermint icecream copy
We had this cake last year with our Christmas feast. 
Chocolate and Orange Layer Cake--recipe HERE.
chocolate orange layer cake copy

December Desktop Calendars
Snow in Wyoming

Big Sky

Sugar Cookies

Happy Weekend....and Happy December!


Anonymous said...

happy december to you sheena :)

S U N F L O W E R said...

this was the WORST post for my sweet craving, pregnant self right now. i want to make and eat it all! ha! but thank you for the recipe ideas! definitely going to do the black and white popcorn for holiday treats to give to family and friends. happy holidays!

in dreams said...

oh yum! i love brussels sprouts, but you're right about their rep - just TRY to get anyone to eat them willingly! haha. i'm going to give this recipe a whirl + see if i can convince the masses... :)

as for those calendars, they are just PERFECT! i've got the snowy sky on right now, but i might have to alternate between that + the big sky (it's just too breath-taking). thanks for posting those! :)

Unknown said...

you are so awesome! i enjoy your blog so much (:

Sarah said...

I love December! The semester ends and I get to go home. Then I spend all my time decorating, baking, and wrapping. I love those wallpapers.

Anonymous said...

This post is amazing! (: I will have to try the Snowballs recipes. They look delicious!

Eid. said...

Thank you for the desktop wallpaper! I am now using your sugar cookies wallpaper! Happy December!

summer said...

best post EVER :)
I love that you do a Christmas date every year!! can I please steal that tradition?

Anneliese said...

we do a christmas date too--to celebrate our first (blind) date on the 19th (almost 7 years ago)! thanks for the desktop picture---i chose the cookie one. :) (my 2 year old is worried that it is "missing a piece"...)

kylie said...

OK i love my new desktop - the snowy one. AWESOME!