Wednesday, November 7, 2012

run run run

I used to hate running. Loathe it. It was the absolute worst part of my day--just the few laps around the gym to warm up before basketball practice was torture. 

I went to college and ran a 5k with my roommates. I thought I was going to die. 

And then......something changed. 

I ran a bit after we got married--up and down the streets of Rexburg, Idaho. It was ok....but I still didn't love it. A baby was born, and I started to add more miles.....I was up 

But it felt good, legs stretching, lungs expanding, and I continued to get my (sloowwww) miles in. After about a year of running, I ran my first half marathon......and I was hooked. The adrenaline! Such a great feeling to finish, and I haven't stopped since. 

Many of you know I'm running mostly trails these days, and I crave it and need it and love it. If you want me to get all cheesy and declare my love for running, 
then here you go. 

It is my very favorite thing. My thing. I honestly can't imagine what I would do without it. It works my body, my mind, my soul. I can think, I can push, I can just admire the view. 
It is part of ME.

I am thankful for my love of running--so thankful I came around from all those years ago. 
I am thankful for my scrawny little legs. 
They have carried me hundreds and hundreds of miles (this year alone) and up to the tops of mountains......figuratively, and literally. 
I am so thankful for a strong and healthy body. 
This time last year I was in the middle of a huge Lyme relapse. I was sick and weak and running was nearly impossible. I ran the Vegas Ragnar last fall (as usual), and couldn't even finish my last few miles. It crushed me. It took me until late winter to finally get back into running, and I will never ever stop appreciating how good it feels to be winding through the trees. 
I'm thankful for best of friends who know that running is how I heal, and at the very last minute let me jump on to their teem for this year's relay........this weekend! We weren't planning on running it this year, so I am just so excited that I get to head down and redeem myself for last year. Thankful for the best husband ever who loves staying home to play with the Littles while I go run through the night.
Dear running, you are the best.
A few weeks back I posted a picture of a snowy trail on my instagram and mentioned how much I love running in chilly temperatures. I had so many questions about it, I thought I'd answer a few here. 
Running in cold weather is all about finding the right clothing, and lots of layers so you can take stuff off if you need to. It takes a few times--trying out this and that, until you learn what YOU like to wear. I have clothes I like for 30°-40° runs, and different clothing for the teens and twenties. 
Yes I realize that sounds crazy. 

pants: I love full length tights. They are so comfortable if you get the right fit. Make sure you find tights that are breathable and keep the moisture OFF your skin. I love my patagonia speedwork tights. I got them at a super sale at the outlet last spring and they are my favorite. 
shirt: I usually wear a short sleeve running tee, to keep moisture off my skin. I really also like Patagoina's base layers.
outer layer: Depending on the temp, and how much sunshine there will be, I wear a light long sleeve or medium weight long sleeve shirt or jacket, that I can push the sleeves up or take off and tie around my waist if I need to. 
ears: my ears get cold so easily. I always wear an earband or a thin beanie. Earbands are nice because you can slide them down around your neck if you get too warm.
shoes/socks: I wear the same socks in the winter as I do in the summer--I like smartwool socks for trails. If you are running alot on the snow and ice, you might want a shoe with better traction--I love my Brooks Cascadias year round. 

*if you have any other running questions, ask them here, and I will try to answer them in another post. I will also post about running in the winter when we move into colder temperatures. be sure to check out running 101 and running 201. I have changed a lot of how I run since I have posted those, but the basics are all there.

What are you thankful for today?

anyone else heading down to Vegas this weekend? follow my ragnar updates on instagram!


T said...

Hi! How often do you do yoga a week? Do you do any other exercises for the core? I realize running and most activity in itself works the core, but I was just interested if you did any other specific exercises? Thanks so much! I just love your blog! Brightens my day way over here in north Georgia! :=)

Ashley said...

My running story sounds so similar. I loathed it [always] until I trained for a half marathon. I haven't run in about 3 years though because of a recurring ligament problem in my foot. Hoping it's on it's way out as I'm currently strapped into a fancy boot for a month. :) My break with running introduced me to biking and swimming, which I enjoy even more. I absolutely LOVE cold weather workouts...snowboarding, snowshoeing, running, etc. So fun! -- Good luck this weekend!

sheena said...

@T Thank you so much! I do yoga 2-3 times a week:)

Stephanie said...

I have been stalking you for a while, and I always enjoy your running posts. I am feeling a little more excited to hit the streets of Rexburg this morning. You should check out
The very first race my husband and I did was the 10k trail run last year. It kicked my butt, but it was amazing! They have a tril relay new for this year that seems right up your alley. It should be pretty sweet! Good Luck in Vegas!

Carey Alina said...

I feel the same way about mountain biking which I've done for the last 20 years. Started trail running this past February and fell in love with it as well, for similar reason as running and it's so simple, not much gear required. Did two trail races this year and now I'm injured. Tendonitis in my right ankle, down for 4 to 6 weeks, AGH! Looking forward to my winter trail runs in December though. Being injured is not fun, but I'm grateful that I can still ride my bike.

Unknown said...

My best winter running tip is to wear old (long) socks on your hands. Cut off the ends so that they are like tubes. I always found my hands would oscillate between cold and warm on runs so it is great to have the freedom of wearing them up or pulling them down to my wrists when I got warmer. Plus as they were old recycled socks I didn't mind blowing my nose in them......easy to wash and I didn't feel guilty if I needed to throw them out.

Madison said...

That's so great. I'm like how you used to be - running is just not my thing but I think running is wonderful and I wish I could like it too. Maybe a marathon will change my mind as well? I really enjoy the Color Run - I hope to one day participate!

Jarica said...

Can you talk a bit about how one should start trail running? I run prolifically--but always on the road. I've done a few Ragnars (Wasatch Back), and would love to take my running to the trails. What are some good beginner spots? How do you find appropriate trails? Are hiking trails the same as running trails? What are the particular challenges trail running trails? What safety measures does one need to take? Is it best to trail run alone or with a partner? Do you just get to a trail and start running, or is there something else to it?
I know these questions sound ridiculous, but I really am very interested and have been meaning to ask you this for some time. Today's post felt like an invitation, I guess!
Enjoy the Vegas relay. I, too, held off on registering for this race (and the Wasatch Back and the Grand Teton. Relay) because I thought I would be pregnant. We've 'tried' for a year with two miscarriages in between. It is an awful experience, and my heart goes out to you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here; I truly find you an inspiration.

Kasey said...

I am in L O V E with winter running. Someone asked the other day on a running page what people are doing in the 'off season.' I laughed, because my season is JUST beginning, now that its cooling off. They way you described the layering is the best. It's kind of amazing how hot you can get running, even when it's only 30 degrees outside. Agree that full length tights are the bomb. Excited for a frigid run tomorrow...finally dropping from 75 to 25. Overnight, cuz that's how we roll in tornado alley.

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter said...

I would love to know when/how often you go trail running. You have me itching to go do this soon. Just wondering start to finish, the amount of time you plan to be gone. Do you go early in the morning, or while your kids are in school?

Also, do you go alone? It sounds sublime, having that time and the trail to yourself. Do you ever feel uneasy or nervous alone on the trail?

Meg said...

I'll never forget the 12 miles Kasey and I ran when it was 8 degrees outside. EIGHT. Like as in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,yep 8. The "feels like" temp was even cooler. That day we wore scarves gloves, tights under pants and about 20 shirts.
I thought my face was going to fall off, but my legs never got tired.

I heart winter running.

Ice still scares me. I've had a few slips.

A hat is a must, and so are gloves..even if it's warm/sunny enough for short sleeves, if I'm sporting gloves I'm good.

Running season just got started baby! woo!