Sunday, November 18, 2012

trail love

To say that trail running has completely changed my life
would be a tad bit dramatic......and 100% true. 

Before I hit the trail a year and a half ago, I feel like my running routine was one long boring sleepwalk. 
The same thing over and over. 
Streets, sidewalks, crosswalks, neighborhoods. Maybe if I was lucky, a sprinkler to run through or a curb to jump up. 
And then I woke up one day, and took my first steps on the trail. 
I will never
ever ever 
go back. 
Sure I get mileage in on the road every now and then......and it bores me to death--I think about the trail the entire time.
So every chance I get, I am out running on the dirt--I can't imagine it any other way. 
My body and mind crave it. If it's been too long, I start to get antsy......when can I get out again!? Thoughts of the trail consume me. I NEED to be on the trail. I need to clear my head and feel the burn in my legs.
It's so much more than just a run.
It's jumping and climbing and leaping and ducking. 
It's dirty--filthy! The best runs end with shoes full of mud, and brown slop splashed up your back.
It's wet--sometimes just a bit--sometimes up to your knees in water. 
It's steep--long painful ups, and ridiculously fast downs. 
You cut your legs, your arms. Your ankles will twist and roll. 
You will fall on your face (not always.....but oh, it will happen. usually in front of a group of mountain bikers.)
You will see deer and giant birds and you will almost step on snakes (eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!)
You will crave it so much that it doesn't matter the season--you will be out. 
Slipping and sliding down ice covered paths.

I am so thankful that I discovered trail running. 
It has changed how I think about running. It has brought me so many amazing experiences. It has strengthened my body and mind, and helped me do things I never thought possible.

a few photos from our wet and sloppy run over the weekend.
I am so happy to have Charly back on the trail with me! 
Robby took her on a long hike in September and she injured her shoulder......and had to get surgery....
 It has been the longest, most annoying (to both of us) recovery but she is finally out with me again--we loved it.
After my running post two weeks ago I had some trail questions (I also have got a few emails from you guys about trail running). I am working on a Trail Running post, so any other questions ask here and I will do my best to answer them. 

What are YOU thankful for today?


Unknown said...

You really inspire me. Hopefully I can get my feet wet and out on a trail soon. Lately the cement isn't doing it for me. My body aches to run every minute it's not so why not make it more exciting right?!

Kate said...

How does your shoe situation work while running when the trails are muddy and wet? Do you have multiple pairs and just wash them every other run? Or just strap them back on, full of mud and all? :) Thats my only set back from running trails in crummy weather. I don't want to get my nice (not to mention, pricey) running shoes full of mud.

Ashlae said...

I can't tell you how much I look forward to running through sprinklers on my long, summer runs. If I get to the park at just the right time, they have loads of them going and I'm a sopping wet mess by the end. But it's so great.

I love trail running, but I wish we lived closer to the mountains so I could run on "authentic" trails. My current trails are dirt paths in parks or along rivers.. sigh. One day ;)

melissa said...

haha. roads are not THAT bad, sheena! :) but i admit i'm lucky to have hybrid roads that almost seem like trails to run on (except with the ease of roads so i can zone out for a couple of miles...which i like to do).

i'm glad your running buddy is back in business.

Caroline said...

I am just now discovering the joys of trail running! I can't tell you how refreshing it is, I get so burnt out running neighborhoods I've run for the past four years. Trails get me excited about running again!

hardkog said...

So every chance I get, I am out running on the dirt--I can't imagine it any other way.My body and mind crave it.

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kylie said...

i CANT WAIT until i have a dog!