Wednesday, November 14, 2012

the story of us: part two

the uintas in August
I am just so thankful for this man. 
Boy. ManBoy. (When you meet someone at 21 they will always be your boy.) 
He really is everything to me, 
and wins the #1 You-Name-It award. Husband. Dad. Friend. BBQer. 
All of it. We have so much fun together--parenting, playing, laughing, and adventuring. We have been through so much in these past 10 years, and I am so happy to call him mine. 

Right before our 10 year anniversary (whoa!) I started to write our story..... case you missed it, HERE is part 1)

Part Two: The Golden State

"Do you have any produce in your car?"

And with that we crossed the border into summertime in California--he was driving the little moving truck with our few belongings, and I was in the car--back seat loaded to the roof.

He had taken a job--his first "big boy" job out of college, and he started in two days. We unpacked our stuff into his parent's garage, where we would stay for a few months until we found a place of our own.
I was officially a California Girl.

I found a job--I worked at a place called Dinner Time. We prepped ingredients for several different meals and had them set up in stations. Customers would come in and assemble freezer meals to take home. We chopped, shredded, diced, sliced and helped women with their meals. 
We did dishes for hours.

 We made a few trips to San Francisco over the summer, and came back one time with a secret........
I was pregnant! 
Nauseous, exhausted, living with deadly heartburn, and gagging every time I brushed my teeth. 
But so ridiculously happy as I quickly expanded out of my clothes.

We found a house to rent in the fall. A little (tiny!) yellow house with two bedrooms and palm trees out front. It was home--our home-- and it was where we would bring our little boy back to live. I continued to work, and lucky for me, I even got out of dish duty when my tummy got too big to stand near the sink. I bought tiny little blue socks and and hats and shoes, and we counted down the days until we could meet him. 
In April, he came.
Ten fingers, ten toes, and a mop of black hair. Pure joy. 
We spent our days in our little yellow house playing, reading, and singing songs. We'd walk-- everywhere. We walked to the Post Office. We walked to Trader Joes. We walked around every block, just me and my little boy. Robby would come home to join us for lunch every day. 
We were at our absolute happiest. 
You really fall in love all over again when you see your favorite person become a dad.

We visited Lake Tahoe, road tripped allllllllllllll the way to Montana, and showed our baby boy our favorite places in San Francisco.
We were the perfect little family of three. We celebrated Holidays with family, and learned quickly how much more fun life is with a sweet little babe in tow.
When Robby and I got married, we made a promise to each never live in Utah. If you're not from Utah, you probably 100% understand this statement. We just knew it wasn't for us. 

was it. 

There was a job opportunity. We drove out to see about it.....but was in Utah.
The job was great for Robby. AND it put us so much closer to my family in Montana. Maybe we could even afford a house? After just a week or two of thinking it over.......
We were filling up boxes and headed to the mountains of Salt Lake City...... be continued.......

Who are YOU thankful for today?


Rania {Rowan Tree} said...

How lovely yo read about your story, I must hop back and read part one!

I am thankful for my boyfriend/flatmate/best friend that I have so much fun with, I can never be very angry or sad around him for a long time and waking up beside him every day is the best feeling ever!

twinsontherun said...

Aww I'm thankful for fun love stories!
This California girl, now living in Utah, totally gets it lol! But I'm here and it's home and its where my two little ones will be raised and I'm thankful :)

Lori Folkman said...

I can't believe how fast time goes. Crazy. You guys are so cute--and still so young!

Hayley said...

10 years Sheena!!!! Aghhhh!!

the vanilla bean blog said...

Lovely! I am enjoying your story. And I am thankful for a shinning sun and a bamboo steamer.

Lula. said...

I love the way you tell stories. And Jonah was (IS) such a beautiful baby!!!

Courtney said...

I love reading your story! I hope you most more soon. I couldn't help but laugh at the never live in Utah comment. My husband and I said the same thing 4 years ago when we get married. However he got a great job offer and we will be moving to Utah in a couple weeks.

Laura said...

How can you possibly be so cute when fully pregnant?? I'm so jealous. ;)

melissa said...

hahah, i really like these pictures of sheena the child bride. you guys are cute.

Rachael said...

Your little guy looks so cute as a baby!! Aww.
Love to read about your story part two!!
And that little yellow house looks so cute to live in!

Rachelle said...

two things my dear. one, my tummy is that big now and i have 8 weeks to go. two: jonah is probably the prettiest baby EVER!

and i can totally relate about the utah thing. every time we see a job opportunity in utah we never pursue it, we just can't.

but maybe someday. :)