Tuesday, November 6, 2012

happy happiness

a few from la jolla over the weekend.....totally unrelated to this post.
Election Day.
So much to take in!
I am so thankful to live in this country, and so happy that I get to vote......
...but I am so tired of all the name calling and finger pointing and just plain nastiness to each other 
(coming from all sides, mind you)
How is this benefit to anyone? What are we teaching our children?

Let's all just get along.... it sounds cliche', but seriously you guys, 
let's start being friends again. 

I'm going to list 1000 (maybe not quite) happy things right now, 
and I dare you to try not to smile afterwards. 
I also dare you to list your own happiness, and then go and hug your neighbor and smile or wink at someone who may have voted differently than you.

a-a-a-hem. here we go.
ice cream. 
with hot fudge. 
a new episode of New Girl. 
speaking of TV, the new Arrested Development season is currently being filmed!
new shoes
on sale.
my sleeping babies.
a cozy fire.
the desert.
the forrest.
being on the tippy top of a mountain.
finding a book so good you can't put it down.
knowing that Thanksgiving is just weeks away!
a run that is slightly downhill......and you fly down it.
the smell of brownies baking.
the smell of woodsmoke.
a starry sky.
finding a dollar. finding more would be nice too, but I'll take a dollar these days.
when the sweat rolls down your nose and onto your yoga mat.
a puppy snuggled with a kitten snuggled with a baby panda bear.
the smell of fresh cut alfalfa (uh, you might not get that one. if you do, bonus points)
laughing until your face hurts.
add all these things up + 100 more puppies wearing hats and you should be smiling by now.

Or instead of a list of silly little things, think of all the bigger things in life. My children are healthy, they can go to school, we can worship how we choose, we have food to eat, clean water to drink, a little house of our own full of comforts and blessings. and puppies.

Let's all be friends. 
Quit our complaining.
Let's join together and figure out how we can get all those millions of annoying campaign posters recycled properly. 
smiley face.

What makes you happy? 
I dare you to list 10 things.

ps. thank you thank you so much to those who commented and messaged me after yesterday's post, it made me so happy inside. I had no idea that so many of you have been through the same hard times, and appreciate you sharing your thoughts. You are the best.


merideth said...

your list is really good. and it did make me smile. thank you. here's mine... sorry if i duplicate any of yours.
soccer (for me, not for my kids. heehee)
a really good hamburger
happy families
my children's artwork
a really good sunset
losing a pound. even one is good.
a garden tomato
and grey. it will be my favorite color forever and it makes me very happy.

Zizi said...

First of all, your list made me smile!

Here is my happy list:
1. Knowing that my boyfriend will come home from a long distance journey in 8 days!
2. My parents and my brother will visit me this weekend!
3. My homemade "nutella" that is 100% better & richer than the store bought!
4. Expecting a baby!
5. Being able to write a vegetarian food blog in English and in Hungarian too!
6. Cold fall mornings when I can wrap a big, soft scarf around my neck!
7. Sour sorrel soup, yum! I learnt the recipe from my recently passed grandma!
8. Organic farmers market every Saturday morning!
9. Making homemade foodie present for friends & family for Christmas!
10. In the evening lighting candles and watching a good movie or a new episode of a great series!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! I'd have to say my happy list consists of just a few things: my family, good friends who I can laugh with, simple and delicious foods (lots of fruit and cheese and avocado and seafood!), and beautiful landscapes.

Anonymous said...

hot chocolate
chunky cowls
working out
chinese food
the color orange

Natalie. said...

1. Living in a free country!
2. Seeing an American Flag flying against a blue sky on the 4th of July.
3. A good long cry.
4. A belly laugh that leaves tears in your eyes and aches in your sides.
5. Clean sheets.
6. A clean, quiet house, a burning candle and a good book.
7. Being in the ocean.
8. Smelling the ocean.
9. Thinking about the ocean.
10. Knowing the ocean isn't going anywhere without me.

Becky said...

1. God being there no matter what
2. My big family all loving each other like we're best friends
3. My bedroom smelling amazing from my little monster-shaped candle warmer
4. Drawing all the time
5. Watching Sherlock
6. Reading good books
7. Writing letters to my best friends
8. Listening to all of my favorite music
9. Baking things that my family loves
10. Feeling happy, loved, and contentedly peaceful

Moments and Impressions said...

1. sleeping babies
2. laughing until it hurts
3. pumpkin donuts
4. painted toe nails
5. parades
6. wrapping presents
7. the warm spot on the couch that is in the sunshine
8. a great haircut
9. catching up with a best friend
10. being told: Mommy, I love you.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post...and so very true-I have learned the 1 thing i can control is my behavior and what i teach my children-I always told them that you can turn your day around at any given point-and we are in control of what we let sink in and what rolls off our backs-LIVE-LOVE & DANCE IN THE RAIN!

Anonymous said...

p/s i forgot my list...here goes
1-the ocean
2-pretty pink toes in the sand
3 handmade peach/cranberry icecream
4 orange and blue Cape Cod sunsets
5 the smell of a newborn
6 my family under one roof
7 God's grace, mercy & love
8 candy apples
9 sunflowers blowin' in the wind
10 homemade wine

Kasey said...

Crying every time I hear/sing the National Anthem
Face Time w/ my hubby from abroad
Orange and navy
Family time
Cold weather running
Giggling until your face hurts
Inside jokes
A song that takes you back
New friends and old friends
Weekend time to relax, reflect, plan