Monday, March 29, 2010

for dinner tonight: fish tacos!

so so so easy.

grilled* salmon fillets, seasoned with olive oil, lime, and s&p (*ahem, we would have grilled ours, had our dog not eaten our BBQ, so we broiled them instead....STILL good though!)
corn tortillas
black beans
-fresh lime
-coarse salt
cabbage pico de gallo
-chopped cabbage
-red onion
-a little splash of vinegar

add all ingredients to your tortillas, top with a little sour cream and a squeeze of lime...mmmm



Anonymous said...

yum, these look so good! my husband is a huge fan of fish tacos -- i'm going to bookmark this!

Maria said...

We love making fish tacos. Yours look super tasty!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

we make these a lot. only two weeks ago steve decided he wanted beer-battered and fried fish tacos (?). i swear i can still smell it. help? i've already put a fried fish ban in place.

Shannon said...

Ooh that sounds yum. I will add it to my summer meals list. Thanks!

Marcina said...

Yum,yum,yum. This is perfect! :)

amy said...

Those look delicious - I could eat fish tacos at least once a week. The perfect meal to welcome summer. Or pretend it's already here.

Amie said...

Yummmmy looks so good!

I'm gonna suprise the bf and make regular tacos for him (I rarely cook beef). He deserves it! :)

Ms. Wife of the Year said...

My favorite dinner. But my husband says fish never belongs in a taco. Boo.

shanna said...

ok, that picture? as good as a magazine. truly.

Jill K said...


Tara said...

Sounds good to me! Don't you love how quick fish is? You can defrost it, cook it, and eat it before you could even get your kids ready to go eat out somewhere. That is another reason I'm trying really, really hard to like fish more. I have heard fish tacos are a great way to disguise fishy flavor. Maybe I'll try it with the mahi mahi I've got in the freezer.
Pretty picture, by the way.

Burk Family said...

Sheena- Here's an awesome fish taco recipe from Experience Life. The best part is the cilantro cole slaw.

Rosalind said...

oh my gosh!! those looks super fresh and amazing. nothing hits the spot like a spicy taco sometimes.

i'd love for you to follow my blog! it's called "Peasant Girl", and it's my eperiment to completely change the way I approach food: from an American female perspective, to a more traditional perspective.