Friday, March 26, 2010

friday love

We love a quick easy dinner.....a big salad! (remember that episode?)

Big Salad
2 parts of your favorite spring greens + 1 part spinach
1 rotisserie chicken, shredded (Whole Foods has hormone and antibiotic free chickens for $6.99 on wednesdays!)
2 tomatoes, diced
1/2 cucumber, diced
1 cup fresh mozzarella, cubed
small handful of thinly sliced red onion
handful of your favorite olives
handful of pepperoncinis
a super simple vinaigrette or your favorite Italian dressing

We looooooove Gourmandis Bakery in Salt Lake!
My "porcupine" was filled with chocolate cake, chocolate butter cream, raspberry filling and covered in chocolate and almonds...mmm....
250 S 300 E SLC
I was so proud of myself for making a skirt for $10 (post next week!), that I thought I'd reward myself with some new springy shoes.
You can search by style/color/price(they have the BEST sales!) two day shipping AND free return shipping if you don't like them!

I KNOW I posted about this already.....but really, how many times can I say I LOVE Jamie Oliver! We (yes, Robby too!) are so excited for the show tonight! Don't forget to watch it! (I even DVR'd Oprah today because he is takes alot to get me to watch Oprah!)
And please go help out and sign his petition HERE

And since we've been celebrating the big 3-0 for Robby around here all week....this song is dedicated to him, for his little Guns and Roses phase in Junior High (don't tell him I told you:)

Happy Weekend!!!

What did you love about this week?


mommyholly said...

LOVE that Jamie Oliver show, eek! He is so darling and I absolutely adore what he is trying to do in that town. Can't wait to see it tonight! :) AND I am off to peek at shoes now, yay!
xoxox Holly

tanalicious said...

oh. but does robby make you listen to GNR now? ugh. i hate when brody breaks it out!

when and where does the Jamie Oliver show come on? regular tv or cable?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE JAMIE OLVIER TOO! Seriously, what he is doing is AMAZING.

sheena said...

tana it's on TONIGHT!! ABC....I think it's 8:00 for us...maybe 7 ?

Hannah said...

I'm watching the Jamie Oliver show right now!

I bought those same shoes a couple weeks ago in turquoise! I LOVE them!

whitneyingram said...

That show is revolutionary. I didn't watch it last night (the boys wanted "Cars"), but I have read a lot about it. Jamie Oliver is an amazing guy. Especially that he came to America to do this. Great Britian has plenty of obesity problems, but he came to America. Love that.

Okay, this week- what did I love? Let's see... I got a new hair color from my little sister, Caitlyn the hair master. Afterwards, we walked over to Rooster and had dumplings and dessert.

We fired up the grill for the season and grilled hamburgers. It was more than delicious. It was overdue. Welcome spring!

Oh! I almost forgot about the very best thing this last week! I LOVED it! I went to the Draper DMV to get a Utah license (still had my old California one). I was prepared with all the right paperwork and I was ready to take a written test. But the lady processing my paperwork must have adored me because she didn't make me take the test! She said, "You know what, I am not going to make you take this test. I am just going to send you your license. Just make sure you look over this handbook and we will call it good. Okay?" OKAY!!!!! So cool. She is probably going to get fired now. But at least I have a current license and I didn't have to prove I know how to drive.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

great post- glad I found your blog-I have not heard of the J.O. show but I have a few of his cookbooks and have been a big fan for a long time. I will for sure check it out.
Take Care, Ren

Jacob said...

ummm i love all of those shoes. and i want to cook like you. you are amazing!!!

Annie Reed said...

So here is a littel gem for you! remeber that state fair dress from anthro. that you liked....well at under new arrivals is a peach dress with the same style and better price. Maybe you can spend your tax return on it!

summer said...

what a delish dinner. i love that episode!
and loved the new show friday night.

ps. yumm.. that porcupine sounds amazing. raspberry filling! too good to be true.