Friday, March 5, 2010

friday feet

("tsunami" survivor) Erin: In nothing but my shoes and a sheet at the dermatologist. yes, those are my pants in the left corner. and yes, that is my HUSBAND, not the doctor. HA.
Sheena: spring feet in green(ish) grass. my feet could not be any more ghostly.


Shannon said...

Cute red shoes Sheena!!! Love those. I enjoyed our little window of Spring yesterday, but today it is not looking like Spring will ever come. Sigh.

melissa said...

awesome. i feel like your side of utah must be an entirely different state than where i live in cache valley. green grass, are you kidding me! did you say snow up to my knees? that's more like it.

is it just me or does that dermatology sheet look like a cute skirt? i say see if they'll let you keep it!

A Beautiful Life said...

yea for a peek of grass for snow storm today, still after almost 9 years of living here i can't get used to Utah weather..cutie shoes on both girls today!