Tuesday, March 23, 2010


you were just a boy when we met.
and now?
a man.
who are we kidding.
still a boy.
but 30.
love you lots.
Happy Day.


judi said...

Happy Happy 3-0!!!

The Rowley's said...

Happy Happy birthday to you!

Heather said...

These are amazing pictures. Time really does fly, doesn't it

Unknown said...

Aw How sweet! Happy Birthday to him!!

Jill said...

goodness you two are young lil' pups!

my hubby turned 38 on saturday!

what the?

happy bday to him...pisces right?

pisces are cool, i married one too!

Xiaolu said...

Happy birthday to your husband! Love the genuine joy in these photos :).

Natalie said...

Cute. The cake, you, and the guy too!

Hope said...

Awwwa! This is such a sweet post! Your boy is very lucky, I am sure!

It is funny that today is the day I found your lovely blog, because today is MY husband's birthday! I am thinking I will make him some delicious gingerbread cookies (he loves them).

Thanks for the post!

Marla said...

wow - he looks about 22!
tell me what kind of cream he uses on his face ;)