Monday, March 29, 2010

over the weekend


banananutmeg said...

are your legs SERIOUZLY that bronze in march? I hate you.

not really.

but fair! You probably think they're too white....which makes me hate it even more.

yay for spring!

{lizzythebotanist} said...

are we listing reasons we hate you? ;)

i hate you because your kids will hold still for a picture. wait till you see my attempt at sweet-sibling-love-in-easter-clothes photos!

and the tie turned out great!

sheena said...

oh you girls.

Meg: my legs are not even close to any shade of bronze (even after layer upon layer of actual "bronzer". also keep in mind the fact where I live--and that EVERYone and their mother tans, making me appear to be even more corpse -ike. But hey--didn't that vampire book make corpsey cool?

Liz: ha! I was lucky to get ONE good shot. check my other blog--third shot down. That is what ALL photos of my kids look like..... And, I am obsessed with the easiness of that tie--I'm ready to make 1000 more.

summer said...

you made that tie?!

i'm in love with the back bow photo. that shade of yellow is just right. and my goodness, sheena.. could your kids BE any cuter?

pretty please, will you share your pasta recipe?

i can only see the edge, but i'm so sure that those running shorts are cool. i'm jealous.

ps. if you were ever to do a post on your favorite running gear, i would eat it up.

Chrissy Jo said...

I love that little dress. In fact, I almost bought it for my 2 year old for Easter this year. Baby Gap dressy girl clothes are my favorite! Your little ones look lovely.

Shannon said...

Your kiddos look adorable in their Easter attire! So cute. Also, I love your food photos so much. They always inspire me to want to cook. Sometimes I even act on it! :) I am making roasted red pepper pasta tonight. Can't wait.

Fairlightday said...

This is probably going to sound totally creepy and blog-stalker-ish, which I promise I'm none of the above but,
that dress = amazing sweetness
Just had to let you know. :)

Moody Family said...

the dress...where did you get it!! I love it! You will have to share your tie secret. I made noah's tie for easter too and love it! share please :)

sheena said...

Tiffany--the tie was super easy--I'll post a tutorial sometime this week. The dress is from Gap.