Friday, March 5, 2010

friday love

We love to try new things. I've been trying out new vegetarian meals lately, so we can spend our money on better (hormone & antibiotic free) meat. So here's the deal with this one.....we liked it....aLOT actually. The kids ate it up so fast, and meat loving Robby asked for more. The only problem....we were hungry an hour later.
So....all my vegetarian friends.....would would you add to go with this?
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Patties with avocado salad
2 large sweet potatoes, roasted and peeled
1 cup black beans
1 garlic clove, minced
2TBS red onion, chopped
1/4c cilantro, chopped
1TBS lime juice
1tsp lime zest

Add all ingredients EXCEPT BLACK BEANS into a food processor.
Process until well mixed.
STIR in black beans.
Refrigerate for 20 minutes.
Form into small patties, and cook in nonstick pan with a little olive oil.
4 minutes each side.
mixed greens + avacad0+olive oil+lime juice+ cliantro +s&p....mmmm

I really love to browse etsy. always. Loving some new found shops, like this one. this one. this artist, amanda blake (link sent to me by my grandma!)

Reason #864 why I love old houses. Old fireplaces. And built in book shelves. I think I should convince Robby that we really really need some built in bookshelves....don't you think?
{image via my little inspiration binder via better homes and gardens}

and speaking of sure to check out THIS tumblr!!
Ok. This has been floating around the www for the last little while but if you haven't seen it PLEASE, I beg you, watch it. Silly song, cute shoes, blah blah blah. Wait until all the crazy bendy stuff starts happening......CRAZY!

Your song/video for the week can be found HERE. I love me a good stop motion film.....but this is insane....

I really really am just so happy that's it's Friday today!! Can't wait to snuggle up and get cozy--any movies worth watching??

Happy Weekend!! What did you love about this week?


Kenny said...

maybe add a grain on the side? or you could also add some beans (black or maybe garbanzo) to the salad as well to pump up the protein.

Shannon said...

I am so excited! I have some movie catch up to do before Oscar night. Tonight the plan is to go see Avatar. Tomorrow Blind Side. Sunday is the Oscars which I am totally planning on enjoying with yummy food and my hubby. I sincerely hope Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin manage to be hilarious. Happy weekend to you too!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kenny, add a grain. Quinoa would be perfect or you could try brown rice.

I can't tell you how much love that coldplay video! its so genius!

hm, my favorite part of the week, going on walks, in the sun, cherry blossoms out and the olympic mountains in plain view...beautiful!

have a great weekend!

Tara said...

Those look an awful lot like the falafel patties I made long ago. You could throw that whole thing into a wrap with some yummy cucumber sauce (yogurt, cucumber, dill, s&p, bit of mayo). Or just put it on a big fat whole wheat bun and make em veggie burgers (I get the feeling veggie burgers would get really old after a while though).
Have you made falafel? I can't remember. Easy stuff.
BTW, I need to flip thru that Giada cookbook and perhaps copy a few recipes.

Rebecca said...

Bigger portions and some whole grain bread on the side? The dinner looks super yummy - I can't wait to try it. I ate your Black and White Chili for dinner tonight - YUM!

Thanks for sharing the video - I had yet to see it and was rolling on the floor laughing. There was something about the music and the bending that made it so so funny. I can't wait to share it ...

Have a great weekend!

A Beautiful Life said...

I'm still in shock over the Solid potatoe salad video..who thought of the song? and how in the world do their bodies do that? it's not's amazing and spooky all at the same time! lol..I loved this week because it was one week closer to my hubby coming, guess not,..instead of coming home in 7 days he'll be gone still until maybe i shall take a road trip to my mommy and daddy's in Cali...i loved all the m&m's i scarfed down this week and i bought some new jeans...

Jessica F said...

That recipe looks soo yummy! I love vegetarian meals, but Jason is a big meat eater too...and he always asks, so wheres the meat? I NEED MEAT. haha. Anyway, what I loved about this week? That we got a few sunny days of good weather in. (Unlike the usual rain here). Also, I realized how blessed I am that I dont have to send my child to daycare. Have a great weekend! said...

sigh, fireplaces and built in bookshelves. sigh. that's all i can say.

this week i loved seeing the snow melting and my sudden urge to do some spring cleaning. i loved cracking the windows for the first time since november. i loved having a little extra time to spend with my family and actually cook a real meal or two. i loved reading the little red house...

Kasey said...

Okay, I'm just freaked out about that video.

teresa-bug said...

Mmm...that recipe looks good. This week I loved coming home after a business trip. Aaaah.

Ozoz said...

This week...I loved thinking about saving to get a new camera.....hmmm and my upcoming holiday!!!!!

The Fredy Family said...

If you have a local butcher shop, you should try there for hormone and antibiotic free meat. We have a local butcher shop in Auburn and that's all they sell and the prices are better than the chain grocery stores. And the meat is AMAZING!

Tres Jolie Studios said...

This is such a good 'Friday Love' entry. The illustration is so beautiful and the recipe looks delish!

Nicole said...

that video is totally bizarre, but addicting!

Jennifer said...

Sweet potato & black bean patties with avocado salad = YUM!!

(P.S. Wild video -- Love it!)

banananutmeg said...

ok. About 2:30 into the vid...I can only think about ONE thing... That's brave, right? I mean, in the hot pants and all....and you KNOW they did not have NAIR back then. wow.
The sweet potato thing looks yum. I would put it in a wrap, or on some whole wheat Naan. Might make it a little more filling.

WHy don't MY built in floor to ceiling bookshelves look like that?! I think because they're 1970's oak. But still....CJane rocks the ugly oak in her house. Why can't I? A word of advice if you DO build shelves....make em short. My chelves are about 11-12 inches apart, and there is a lot of space at the top of my books...not as pretty.

I'm ready to throw a bucket of paint on my shelves. like yesterday.

Brinn said...

yum! I will have to try the sweet potato, we usually do lentils and black beans, but the sweet potato looks amazing! We do "meatless monday's" the husbands not a huge fan, but he will get over it :) Anyways I also tried a new whole wheat pizza dough this weekend and loved it! here is a link to the recipe,, I used all whole wheat flour, put flax seed down on the pizza stone before I added the dough, and then baked the dough before I added the toppings. If you roll it really thin it gets nice and crispy. Not bad for whole wheat! Plus you get enough for 2 pizzas. I froze the other half and am going to use it this week, hopefully it works :)

Charlotte said...

Love that fireplace & bookshelves!

I would add chips, rice, baked potatoes, pitta bread, tortillas, nachos... as a lifelong vegetarian I do eat some weird combinations though...

Charlotte xx

renee anne said...

yum!!! this looks delicious!!!

and it was nice to read the sugegstions because I often feel the same.

thank you so much for visiting my blog, your blog is just gorgeous, just the right mix of all the things I love! yay food!!!

(p.s. I hope you sort out this lyme thingo. I have never heard of it, but it doesn't sound so fun. all the best!)