Sunday, March 14, 2010

Iris and Light

Let me tell you about a little group called Iris and Light.
2 guys. 1 girl. photos+the most amazing love story films you have ever seen!

Ryan Southwell. Video Extraordinare.
John Stephens. Video Whiz. Photo superstar. (and provides some good entertainment too!)
And then me (hi!). I take pictures.....and these two let me tag along!

We like to take pictures.
and film love stories.

(more for your viewing pleasure HERE)

So why am I telling you all this?? Because we are looking for our new spring couple!

You and your sweetheart (engaged OR married!). We want to tell you story! Iris and Light will be in Utah April 15th and 16th! For $999 you’ll walk away with our signature Iris and Light photography, including the high-res images AND your custom music video-style engagement film online AND on dvd. (Normally priced at $2500+).
I sound like an infomercial!! Call know and I'll throw in a book lamp!

If you think you’ve got the stuff to be the next Iris and Light couple here’s what you can do:

Send us your story. Who are you? What do you do?? How could we tell your story?
Send us a photo (the crazier the better….we like to have fun!)
and……bonus points if you can send us over a quick video of the two of you just being you…..the more creative, the better! We want to see your style.

All entries will be considered and we will select the final couple by Saturday, April 3rd.

We are so very excited for this--can you help spread the word?!

Send all info to by noon on April 3rd. Open shoot dates are April 15-16th.

Tell your friends!!


kylie said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. did you SERIOUSLY make that AMAZING video? i am obsessed.

Unknown said...

If only you were going to be in VA :(

summer said...

whoa. love, love these photos (and such cute couples!) the one at the top is so cute. wish i had one like that with my groom. and oh my.. that video was fantastic! really. what an amazing group. i love your work!

too bad i'm in minnesota..

The Fredy Family said...

We are in the process of booking a family video session with Ryan! So excited for it! you guys are the best!

whitneyingram said...

Someday, I want you to take my family pix. Someday when I am not as a big as a house and I have had this baby.

Unknown said...

I LOVE this! Whichever couple wins is extremely lucky indeed! xo

Karumen said...

love your photo style!! when it comes my time, this is something i really want :))

Anonymous said...

Hello Sheena! I've just stumbled upon your blog from Honey & Jam, and have fallen in love! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration in so many of my favorite subjects.

And, I love these Iris and Light videos! Such a fabulous idea. I wish I lived anywhere near Utah so that my husband and I could be your Spring couple.

Moody Family said...

Talk about a dream come true!!! I better work up a good story!