Sunday, November 25, 2012

pie. and other things.

I swore I took a picture of these lovely pies with my real camera.....but when I got home and went through my pictures.....I hadn't. I was stuffed full and delirous with mashed potatoes and I guess I forgot to do it. So here is a phone shot--apple, buttermilk, pumpkin, and chocolate pecan. 
None of them made by me, all of them tasted by me.
Did you have a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend?
Good. We did too. 
We were in Montana enjoying the giant blue sky.
We played with cousins (and met a NEW cousin!) and stayed up waaaaaay too late.
We had a feast and played football in the 20° air. 
We ate pie. And then more pie. And then even more pie.
We almost blew away. Several times. 
(thank goodness we'd weighed ourselves down with pie)
We visited with great grandmas and great grandpas.
We admired sunsets, and climbed atop a giant butte.
We kind of had a hard time coming home......

All photos from my iphone. I promise I took real pictures too.....I'll be back to share much, much more.

How was your Thanksgiving? 
Did you eat too much pie too?

ps. I have never loved pie. I eat it.....but my heart will always and forever belong to cake. 
But I just experienced buttermilk pie for the first time and loved every single bite (after bite after bite). 
I think it will be on the table for our Christmas feast....have you tried it?


Rania {Rowan Tree} said...

We do not celebrate thanks giving in Sweden, but my weekend was calm, relaxing and a break from the hardships of the "real life"

The pictures look stunning, real camera or iphone ;D I want to make a pie too..


Unknown said...

Buttermilk pie is our family favorite. Funny story, one time my mom made the pie for my fourth grade Thanksgiving feast and the ladies in the front office delivered it to me with only one slice left! They apologized but said it was too hard to resist!

I just spotted a recipe for a maple buttermilk pie - I'll have to track that down and send over to you. I'm sure you could put a wonderful spin on this classic :)

summer said...

I love your phone photos, Sheena!! I think I will remember that pie one for ages. so pretty. My feelings are the same on pie... can't wait to hear more about the magic of buttermilk!!

SHARM said...

The pies looks beautiful and rustic... I would love to see your butter milk pies. Because I love your cakes..

kylie said...

perfect pie award.